Maciej Caputa

Hi, I’m Maciej

a passionate Web Developer
who loves teaching maths
and demoing at CodePen.

I share my passions by developing and creating content for e-learning venture


I specialise in creating responsive landing pages and user interfaces as well as learning websites.

Below you can see example of services that I provide as well as my skills and portfolio

Landing Pages

Every website is beautiful, unique and tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

E-learning Systems

I am experienced with designing and implementing e-learning systems.

Admin Panels

Intuitive, responsive and modernly designed user interfaces that can be implemented as part of your web application.

Hybrid/Progressive Apps

Apps that I create are based on web technologies, therefore, it would be perfect way to make your web app available on mobile via dedicated app.

Trader 101

Innovative trading app.

CTA Landing Page

Intuitively persuasive.

Keep on Coding

The CodePerners motto.

Glacier Expedition

Adventure of your lifetime.

Pie Charts

Cool and animated.

AI Path Finding

Optimal path finding with genetic algorithm!

News Feed

All news sources in one place.


Clicky app available on iOS and android.

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